Photographic Historical Society Announces Symposium Program

Photographic Historical Society Announces Symposium Program.


This is a great event which happens only every three years. The George Eastman House alone is worth the trip. It occurs the week before PHSNE Photographica this year, and would be a great place to get those equipment bargains that you could then brag about at our own show the following week!

This is from their flyer:


Join us in Rochester, New York to meet historians, collec- tors, photo experts and dealers from around the world.

The PhotoHistory Symposium has been held every 3 years since 1970, bringing together those who make history in the field of Photographic History. The 2011 symposium had attendees from 22 states and 8 foreign countries.

Tour George Eastman House, his stately 1905 mansion and gar- dens and the international muse- um of photography and film. Many things have changed at the house since PhotoHistory XV including the new director, Dr. Bruce Barnes.

The new Technology Display includes many new exhibits, and is much more user friendly. The pipe organ in the house has been updated, adding a new North Organ. Listen to the organ during the lunch break. If you could come in a day early, the house will be open for you to tour on Friday.

Additional information contact:

Registration: Marian Early, 585- 232-3380, i-printphotos.@fron-

Show & Sale: Tim Fuss, 585- 482-8963,, get table registrations from him

PhotoHistory: Jack Bloemendaal, 585-288-6359, 

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