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This is the start of something… not sure what, but I’m off to take a long drive and there may be folks who want to come along––virtually, that is. The idea is to lose myself a bit in the process. People (guys) tend to see themselves in the light of what they do for a living. I have been a teacher for 37 years––34 at the same school, and while I have loved what I did, I think I have to scrape off a bit of the “Whitey as Teacher” shell if I am to reclaim the persona of “Whitey as artist”. I think a road trip might help me do that.

I will be taking sketchbooks, cameras older than I am, lots of black and white film and an iPhone for images to paint when I get back and for posting. I’ll be using this blog to help me order my thoughts, my phone and computer for some navigation and paper maps to better find out where I am as well as where I might want to be. Old school, I know, but hey, I am old school all the way.

Come along if you want.


One Response to about this blog

  1. Evie Osborne says:

    Hey, old bro in law – just spent the last half hour with you as you went through WA. OR and into CA – fascinating and the prose is indicative of well written travel books and novels as well – really a class act and the pics are amazing – hope you keep meeting great people to share adventures with – and gleen some from them as well – SAFE JOURNEY, glad you got by the grizzlies! Evie

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